Unzix is a small program for extracting files from the new WinZix archive format.

Unzix is distributed using the 3-clause BSD license.


We distribute Unzix in source code form, and it has to be compiled in order to be used on your system. Please see the INSTALL file in the source code tree for build instructions. The current stable version of Unzix is available as unzix-0.4.0.tar.gz. It was released on April 6, 2012. The Unzix 0.4.0 NEWS file contains the release notes. You can verify the tarball using its PGP signature. You can also browse the older releases of Unzix.

We use Git as the version control system for the Unzix source code repository. To get a copy of the Unzix repository, use the command:

git clone git://git.banu.com/unzix.git


Manpages are the primary documentation for Unzix. After installing Unzix, run the following command to see its manpage:

man unzix



Sprints and meetings

As Unzix is a tiny program without any regular changes, we don't hold any meetings about Unzix or have any regular release schedule. We make releases when new bugs have been fixed.




The Unzix AUTHORS file lists all the authors who have contributed code and documentation to Unzix.