Introducing Graphics Planet

on 25 Sep 2006 by Mukund (@muks)

Graphics Planet is a new "planet" website using the Planet Feed Reader and based on Planet GNOME's silverorange theme which was generously sent to me by Steven Garrity for use with Graphics Planet.

Graphics Planet is about the world of people involved in free software development in the field of computer graphics and publishing. We are users and developers on programs such as GIMP, Blender, Inkscape, Scribus, Krita, and other related projects such as the Tango Desktop Project.

If you are a contributor to free software in the field of computer graphics, you may already find yourself on it. If you are a developer on an existing graphics software project distributed under a free software license, or an artist who uses free software and have contributed artwork to free software projects, you are welcome to have your blog added on Graphics Planet.