Is Tinyproxy malware?

on 21 Dec 2008 by Mukund (@muks)

We have received complaints from people complaining that a program called Tinyproxy appeared mysteriously on their Windows computers, and causes problems typically associated with malware. Some complaints received via email have been rude, understandably because of the malware behaviour. This is a formal announcement so that anybody who is affected by this issue (and visits this website) can read it.

The Tinyproxy software as distributed by Banu is a free software HTTP proxy daemon for POSIX operating systems, shipped by several server and embedded Linux distributions, among other POSIX operating systems. It is not malware. Programmers can verify this by doing an audit of its source code which is written to be simple by design. We only ship source code and do not distribute binaries, as we leave it to OS distribution vendors to do the binary packaging. Tinyproxy does not support or work on Windows. Although it can be modified to work on Windows by a qualified programmer, we do not currently have this supported in our source code.

It is highly unlikely that any programs on Windows which call themselves Tinyproxy have anything to do with our project. We are certainly not responsible for them, so if you are facing issues and would like to know how to fix them, there is little we can do to help. We can suggest that affected users contact their computer vendor's support channel or their anti-virus vendor for help on how to fix their computers.

As a reference, this Tinyproxy users mailing list posting has information on some malware Windows programs which call themselves Tinyproxy.