State of Transmission on Windows

on 11 Sep 2008 by Mukund (@muks)

I’ve been working on getting Transmission up and running on Windows. After a ton of patching, it now builds and works to an extent under Wine. There are still some bugs in the libevent and I/O code which need to be ironed out. However, I don’t have the mojo to complete it in a hurry. Debugging issues under Windows sucks. And doing things differently for Windows sucks.

WIP screenshot of Transmission GTK UI on Windows

On a related note, it’s easy to build a GCC cross compiler under Linux to build win32 apps. One can build GTK+ apps and make installers for them, all from the comfort and elegance of Linux. However, an up-to-date document of the process and some gotchas to help the programmer would be helpful and I’ll post a link to such a document shortly.